What we’ve been reading | January

We absolutely love books in this house and some of my most favourite childhood memories of my own, are snuggled up in my room endlessly reading. My favourites were Roald Dahl, Goosebumps, the Point Horror collection, and everything from Judy Blume and Sue Townsend. I also have precious memories of reading with my own children. Finley has always been massively into stories, and now he’s learning to read himself, he’s enjoying it even more. Even as a toddler he would sit for ages listening to stories without getting too restless or fidgety. Hugo at 15 months, has just recently been hit with the reading bug, and loves nothing more than curling up in your lap with his favourite (albeit very short) books. Me and the husband both read a lot, but I must say I really haven’t read as much as I’d like to the last couple of years. I blame Instagram and Pinterest! Having said that, i do aim to try to get through a book a month as I really am so behind with all the current reads and i’d like to catch up.

So here’s what we’ve been reading this month…


  Hugo is absolutely loving the baby lit books and he points to this particular title first thing in the morning from his cot. It was actually a Christening gift from our friends, but we do also have a couple of other ones that he loves too. But this being the absolute fave for a couple of months now. It is such a beautiful book and I love the idea of adapting classic novels for little people. The other one he’s been particularly interested in, is this Eric Carle illustrated book. I’d not heard of this the first time round with my eldest, but we are loving sharing it with Hugo. We actually got it for him for his first birthday along with a few other books.

Finley has had the same favourites for a while now, but after a few new Christmas presents, he is really loving these and we thankfully get to read something different! The first was a gift from a friend called ‘The big blue thing on the hill’. It’s about a campervan that turns up in the middle of a forest which is home to a bunch of animals and causes them to all try their hardest to get rid of it. It’s quite appropriate for us as we bought a campervan last Easter so Finley finds it funny that the animals don’t know what it is.

The other books this month are definitely some of my faves ever. Both were Christmas gifts from the big man himself and we all adore them. The first is the award-winning ‘Press Here’ by Herve Tullet. It really is such a clever and interactive books and i think, would be a hit with all ages. I’d been wanting to add it to our collection for a while but held off buying it until Christmas. The other is by Oliver Jeffers and the seqeul to ‘The day the crayons quit’. It’s titled ‘The day the crayons came home’ and it is absolutely fantastic. We’re huge Oliver Jeffers fans in this house and after Finley received the first book for his birthday , he was ecstatic to see this one in Waterstones. This was one of two presents he asked Father Christmas for (the other being a Power Rangers toy but lets not spend time talking about that!) and of course come Christmas morning, it was under his own little bedroom tree. It really is just as good as the first, if not a little funnier with new characters that are brilliant.

Lastly onto what i am reading…(and have been for the last two months!) The Goldfinch. I know I’m pretty late to the game here but I had so many books i already had to get through last year that I wanted to resist buying anymore until i’d made a good dent in that pile. I’m only actually about a quarter of the way through but it’s totally gripping and I’m really going to make some time to finish it over the next month. That means getting to bed earlier than midnight!

I’m thinking of making this a regular monthly post as these are definitely the kinds of posts i like to read on other blogs, and it makes a nice change to talk about something different.