The biggest and littlest {week six}


He is loving being outdoors and playing in the garden after school,

starting to plan his Birthday party for October (!),

and has come on so much with his reading, making all of us super proud


He is loving helping mummy with the gardening,

climbing on anything,

and still isn’t really talking much at all but certainly understands everything you say to him!

Hugo @ 20 months

dsc06997Dearest darling Hugo,

So I’ve been a very naughty mummy and haven’t written you a letter in a few months. Sorry my darling but I’ve just been having too much fun with you and your brother, so this blog has become a little neglected.

But here I am now writing you your 20 month update! I cannot believe in just a few more months you’ll be 2! It really seems like yesterday you were still such a tiny baby, and now you are most definitely a full on toddler!

You’ve been a little bit troublesome the last couple of months, having lots of lots of tantrums but i know its just your age, and the fact that you still don’t really say any words at all so you get cross when we don’t know what you want, or when you have you do something that you don’t want to and can’t communicate that with us. I know its just a phase and one you will certainly grow out of, but mummy is finding it a little difficult i must admit.

Your personality is really shining through recently, and you are such a character. You have a real sense of humour and love making people laugh. You can be such a cutie pie, always laughing and giggling and getting up to mischief. You absolutely love cuddles always run up to us, put your arms around our necks and say ‘Ahhhhh’.

You and your friend Albie are such a funny pair together, thick as thieves but can also get so cross with each other if one of you takes a toy the other wants to play with! It is so funny to watch, and me and your Auntie Emma just leave you two to it to figure it out for yourselves!

You are still such a mummy’s boy, but have a real thing for Daddy at the moment too. Anyone else and you’re still not that sure. You of course like other grown-ups, but you’d certainly rather be with mummy and daddy. You’re warming up a little to your Nene and even don’t mind being left for an hour or two every now and again so mummy can get her nails painted! You also love your Auntie Emma and your playdates with Albie.

We have quite a nice busy week at the moment, tending to go to groups and things in the mornings, back home for lunch, then a long nap before I have to wake you to collect your brother.

You and Finley have been playing together so lovely lately, and he of course is still infatuated with you. Although you have started to get cross with him quite a lot, if he doesn’t want you to touch his lego, or takes a toy away from you. You like to do a very high pitched scream then usually hit him on the head with something! You get a little bit told off of course, but you don’t seem to care that much! This i know is just the usual sibling bickering, and also the no talking thing too as you just can’t get across to us what you want sometimes.

One thing you really love is when Finley has friends over. You seem to really really love older children, especially Finleys friends and just want to play upstairs with them the whole time. But usually they’re building lego and don’t want you in the room because you end up breaking what they’ve made!

I’ll try and do these a little more regularly as I know we will love reading them together when you’re older and I will cherish being able to remember all those little moments i may have otherwise forgotten.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x

(This is a backdated post from June 2015)





{The Ordinary moments 2016} #9 ‘Another poorly week but finally blowing away the cobwebs

Unfortunately i missed my ordinary moments post last week as Finley caught a horrible virus and sickness bug and came down really poorly with it on Saturday. We had to miss two of his school friends parties and pretty much didn’t leave the house the whole weekend. So much so, I just didn’t get a minute to sit down and write a post or take any photos. He was finally better by Wednesday and went back to school. But of course then Hugo got poorly too! Not with the sickness bug thankfully, but with a nasty little cough and wheezy chest. He’s had this a couple of times before so we have an inhaler, but it just didn’t seem to be doing much good and I was really worried about him. After a doctors visit on Friday we got some mild steroids, and thankfully he seems to be so much better.  Yesterday we finally were able to leave the house and go for a lovely, albeit FREEZING walk. It really was so cold, and we wasn’t really all that prepared outfit wise, so didn’t actually stay out for very long. We went to a beautiful place called Papermill lock, stopping for tea and cake at the tearooms before setting off on a short walk along the canal. Finley absolutely loved collecting and throwing stones into the water, and Hugo copied him too which was super cute, as he really does adore his big brother. I did attempt to take this months me and mine photos, but they were an absolute disaster as it was just so cold, Finley started crying, Hugo was running off, i look terrible and people kept on walking past! I’m not sure if we’ll have time to take any more, so I may just be posting one of those disasterous ones tomorrow! Oh well, at least we won’t miss a month and it will be funny to look back on I’m sure!

Here are a few of the better ones from the day..


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The biggest and littlest {week five}


He is loving being back at school and seeing all his friends,

starting Karate,

and is already talking about what kind of party he wants for his next birthday!


He is really into exploring outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles,

is obsessed with any fruit

and loves copying anything his big brother does

{The ordinary moments 2016} #6 ‘a quiet week and chicken pox round two’

So here we are again, my usual last minute time to write on Sunday evening. I really struggled this week so sorry if this ordinary moment is a little too ‘ordinary’. We’ve had a pretty quiet week after being away, the usual chores to do like unpacking and a ton of washing, as well as settling back into school, after-school clubs and toddler groups. Whilst Finleys been at school, me and the littlest have had a nice chilled week which is just what we needed.

On Saturday Finley had a party so I took him along to that whilst the husband stayed at home with Hugo. He had such a fun time and really impressed everyone with his moves to uptown funk at the end! When we came home we got the boys ready for a bath, and straight away noticed Hugo was covered in a fair few spots which I of course knew to be Chicken Pox straight away as Finley had it and we’ve been waiting to see if Hugo was going to get it, boy has he! He is pretty much covered, whereas I thought Finley had a relatively mild case. He really is suffering the poor thing, just doesn’t understand why he’s itching so much, so does this crazy hitting himself dance as he can’t quite work it all out! I’m more than prepared to make some room in my bed for a couple of nights, after all, I really will miss those middle of the night cuddles when they’re gone.

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The biggest and littlest {week four}


He was a dream whilst we were ski-ing and soldered on throughout the chickenpox,

Shone during ski school and really impressed us,

But was thankful to get home and play with all his toys again


This one does not like being in the buggy for very long anymore,

Always wants to go his own way when out walking and never the way you need him too,

But is shining with his personality and cheekiness.

Hugo | 15 months 

Dearest darling Hugo,

So this is my first little letter and update for you. I cannot believe you’re 15 months, well over a year it’s just unbelievable. You’ve turned into a proper toddler over the last month, walking, actually more like running, everywhere. You are into EVERYTHING and I’m constantly having to stop you from climbing onto the open door of the dishwasher, or from unraveling an entire roll of toilet roll! You really are a wild one and I definitely can’t take my eyes off you for a second. Absolutely nothing like your brother when he was your age. You definitely know your mind a lot more and have had a fair few tantrums already!

The things that seem to make you most cross are when you have to go in the car or buggy for the school run or errands etc. You just get so cross as you constantly want to do your own thing and go your own way. Hopefully as you get a little older and can communicate better, you won’t get as cross with mummy.

You still love waving at EVERYONE and really liked walking up and down the aisle doing this on the plane last week. You have the cutest and funniest little wave and it really does make people laugh. You’re still not talking much and pretty much only say ‘mama’ ‘dada’ and kind of ‘bye-bye’. But you understand A LOT and are pretty responsive if we give you any instruction. You constantly nod no and shake your head yes when we ask you questions.

You’re a pretty good eater and have an incredible appetite. You are getting a little fussy as you get older, but still eat so many foods. Your current favourites are sweet potato mash, sausages, lamb curry, shepherds pie and pesto pasta. Your are massively into snacks and fruit and you constantly point and scream at the snack cupboard or fruit bowl. When mummy says no you throw yourself on the floor and cry. Your favourites are pretty much any fruit, but especially berries, pomegranates and banana. And you love oat bars, Heinz baby biscuits, dried fruit bars and crackers. You guzzle down water and have been having some of mummys morning smoothies too.

You do love a bit of TV and absolutely adore Peppa Pig. You’re quite partial to a bit of go-jetters and twirlywoos too. Of course Finley enjoys watching things that probably aren’t too appropriate for you but you zone in on them anyway.

You adore your older brother and he does you in return. You do sometimes get a little cross with him if he won’t let you play with a toy or if he’s got a snack you want. You do like to wreck his room and hit him with numerous toys, but he’s pretty good and doesn’t really get cross with you.

You’ve always been a really good sleeper since birth and sleep from 7pm-7pm, sometimes waking a little earlier, sometimes a little later.

We have a little weekly routine now all the chaos of birthdays and Christmas is over and you seem to thrive on it. We started Tumble Tots last month and you’re loving it so far. We also go to song and rhyme time at the library, and although you do run around the library a lot, you really enjoy the songs and stories. We definitely want to find a couple more playgroups to go to, so mummy will have a look for some nice ones for us.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x



Me and Mine 2016 // January 


I’m so excited to finally be starting the me and mine project, linking up with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful. I love looking at everyone else’s photos, especially when you can see all of the photos together that have been taken over the course of the year. We have so few photos that we’re all in, and definitely very limited ones of me as i’m always behind the lens. I feel really positive about joining in with this project, as it will be something so nice to look back on, and it encourages us to really make an effort trying to get a picture of all of us. That being said, this was quite a difficult task to achieve! Having been away with friends for the last week, we should have really thought about asking them to get a pic of the four of us, but we were just so busy that i really didn’t take many photos at all, as everyone seemed to be in a different place, either having separate ski lessons or just going for a walk to keep the babies entertained. So with that I left it till the very last minute (3pm today!) to walk to the end of our road, set up the gorilla pod, where the legs for some reason were not staying attached and kept on falling off when I was trying to get a good angle to set it down to take this pic! You can’t tell here, but i really think the husband wanted to kill me just before this was taken as it took me so long to fix the bloody gorilla pod that Hugo kept on running off and launching himself bum first into muddle puddles then having a tantrum when he was lifted out of them! Definitely need to invest in a proper tripod and maybe a remote! The picture isn’t the best, but it’s the best I could do with a grumpy husband and a screaming one year old that really didn’t want to be confined for the sake of a photo!

So January…usually a pretty quiet month for us, back to healthy eating, trying not to spend any pennies after the explosion of Christmas, but actually it was a super busy month for us this year. We started the month with the husband and Finley still on Christmas holidays and enjoying our last few days at home, and with a trip to Disney-on-ice thrown in. Then it was back to school, work and toddler groups. I spent the first couple of weeks researching a place to stay for a few days over the Easter holidays, organising the husbands birthday surprises and presents, and planning for our ski-trip. After that came a lovely night out for the big birthday with 22 close friends, then a few days later our ski-ing trip to Chamonix and more birthday celebrations. We arrived home on Friday and have had a lovely chilled weekend at home, unpacking, doing chores and just generally relaxing together. Oh and how could I forget to say that Finley came out in chicken pox on the first day of holiday, what bad timing! But all was pretty much ok as he didn’t have it too bad, we just delayed ski school by a couple of days hoping that he wasn’t contagious anymore. Anyway the French didn’t seem to bothered about it but hopefully he didn’t infect everyone there! Just waiting to see if Hugo catches it now…

So with that busy month out the way, i’m really looking forward to a pretty quiet February with a well earned half-term thrown in.

The Me and Mine Project

{The ordinary moments 2016} #4 ‘Special birthdays’

So this post is so late that it’ll be time to do the next one, but we’re currently away on holiday so getting any time to write, and with limited wi-fi has proved difficult.

As I said, we’re currently away on holiday ski-ing in The Alps. We’re staying in a beautiful chalet with some good friends of ours and their two children. We’ve had such a fun week, and Finley has absolutely loved his first time ski-ing. I’ll do a proper post detailing it all later, but for now I just wanted to write about the the reason for the trip, and that is for the husbands 40th birthday. We’ve had various celebrations going on for a couple of weeks now, ending with this wonderful holiday. We wanted to do something special, but with it being in January, it does limited what’s available to do. So with that, we decided to embrace the cold and come somewhere snowy and beautiful, with some fun activities thrown in.

So happy 40th to an amazing husband and daddy, we love you more than anything and hope you are having the bestest of days


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The biggest and littlest {week three)

 He is been working so hard with his reading and practicing his words,

is really thriving at big school

and does not stop asking to have his friends over for dinner!

He is having such a great time exploring the outside world on two feet,

touching and feeling everything

and has started to have some major meltdowns when he doesn’t want to do something!