{The Ordinary moments 2016} #9 ‘Another poorly week but finally blowing away the cobwebs

Unfortunately i missed my ordinary moments post last week as Finley caught a horrible virus and sickness bug and came down really poorly with it on Saturday. We had to miss two of his school friends parties and pretty much didn’t leave the house the whole weekend. So much so, I just didn’t get a minute to sit down and write a post or take any photos. He was finally better by Wednesday and went back to school. But of course then Hugo got poorly too! Not with the sickness bug thankfully, but with a nasty little cough and wheezy chest. He’s had this a couple of times before so we have an inhaler, but it just didn’t seem to be doing much good and I was really worried about him. After a doctors visit on Friday we got some mild steroids, and thankfully he seems to be so much better.  Yesterday we finally were able to leave the house and go for a lovely, albeit FREEZING walk. It really was so cold, and we wasn’t really all that prepared outfit wise, so didn’t actually stay out for very long. We went to a beautiful place called Papermill lock, stopping for tea and cake at the tearooms before setting off on a short walk along the canal. Finley absolutely loved collecting and throwing stones into the water, and Hugo copied him too which was super cute, as he really does adore his big brother. I did attempt to take this months me and mine photos, but they were an absolute disaster as it was just so cold, Finley started crying, Hugo was running off, i look terrible and people kept on walking past! I’m not sure if we’ll have time to take any more, so I may just be posting one of those disasterous ones tomorrow! Oh well, at least we won’t miss a month and it will be funny to look back on I’m sure!

Here are a few of the better ones from the day..


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{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #7 ‘Parents evening and the proudest mummy’

It’s not been the best week in this house, we’ve had sleepless nights with the littlest because of his Chicken Pox, he’s been generally grumpy and pretty clingy. Plus to top it off we’ve pretty much been in quarantine stuck in the house all week, bar the school run, so as not to infect anyone else.  It’s been quite a tough parenting week, but of course it’s also been nice having the extra cuddles and I wouldn’t change a thing. (We won’t talk about the 1 year old screaming on the school run or hanging off my leg howling like a banshee each evening whilst i’ve tried to cook dinner).

But within the not so great week was something that made us so proud of our biggest boy, and that was parents evening. We’ve already had one back in November which was to discuss how they are settling in etc, but this one was to look at work and discuss a little bit more in detail how they’re getting on in terms of achievement and attitude towards school. Finley doesn’t attend our local catchment school, but goes to one a couple of villages on. We chose it for various reasons but mainly we just preferred it and thought it was right for him. The classes are slightly smaller and it feeds on to a fantastic secondary school. We didn’t get in initially, and was on the wait list throughout the summer, finally getting a place on the last day of term. So because of that, he didn’t know a soul when he started as most of his pre-school friends went to our local school. He has settled in so well and made some lovely friends. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school and feel it was definitely the right decision for us. I’ve made some lovely school mum friends and even joined the PTA!

So Wednesday evening rolled round, and it was parent teacher consultation time. Finley’s class teacher is so lovely and is like an actual real-life Disney character! She told us he is a core member of the class and has come so far from his first day where he didn’t know anyone. He’s doing fantastic in all aspects of learning and made us so proud with everything she said. I don’t want to become one of those annoying gushing parents who thinks their child can do no wrong, but at the same time, why shouldn’t we feel proud of their achievements? As a newborn Finley was a terrible sleeper and generally very clingy, needing to be constantly held and entertained. Because of that i really struggled with the baby blues, and found myself constantly telling friends and family what hard work he was. Fast forward a few months and he really became a complete dream, never having tantrums, and we barely got a glimpse of the terrible-twos. I thought about how negative i’d been those first few months, so rather than join in with everyone complaining about the terrible-twos, i thought no, I’m going to praise my beautiful little boy, and instead say how far he’d come, and that he was pretty much a dream. Of course I’ve had tough parenting moments, and now he’s five there are of course days where my patience is tested to the max (hello grumpiness and answering back). But I try not to focus on the negative or bad days, and instead move on and think about all the wonderful moments and the things that make me feel proud about my children.

So here i am this week, being an annoying overly gushy type mum, and I’m not even sorry.

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{The ordinary moments 2016} #5 ‘Home is where my heart is’

We’ve been in the French Alps for the last week and really did have such an amazing time, made some wonderful memories and experienced ‘firsts’ for us all. We love travelling and adventures big, and small in this house, but there’s one thing we all crave at the end of any trips and time spent away, and that’s home. It doesn’t matter where this is, it may not be the place you grew up, the nicest house or even one place in particular, but we definitely all have a place we call home, and somewhere that holds some pretty special memories. I love our home, don’t get me wrong it has some flaws and we are currently in the long term process of renovating it to make it exactly what we want, but I love coming home at the end of a long day, or after a holiday or trip. As we landed on the runway in London, me and the husband let out a contended sigh that the end of our long travelling day was coming to a close and that we’d be turning the key in our front door in an hour or so. As we walked through the door, it was a bit cold and had gathered a bit of dust in the week that we’d been away, but we were so happy to be there and headed straight for the kitchen, the heart of our home, for a well deserved cup of tea and a biscuit. The boys, although had so much fun away, were thrilled to be reunited with their playroom full of toys, and us in turn were happy not to be crawling up and down the stairs with Hugo as we were finally somewhere with a stairgate!

It’s funny, I was never much of a homebody growing up, and really didn’t miss home when i did some travelling in my teens. But since having children and actually making a house into a home, it really is my most favourite place. I think a big part of that is the creature comforts with having children, they have all their toys and everything they need right here, bedrooms to play in, their own beds, and we have all of our things. But it’s also  the place I feel the safest and the most content. It’s the place where memories have been made, good and bad, and plenty more to be made along the way.

The boys having a much needed PJ movie morning


A little corner of our favourite space – The playroom

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{The ordinary moments 2016} #4 ‘Special birthdays’

So this post is so late that it’ll be time to do the next one, but we’re currently away on holiday so getting any time to write, and with limited wi-fi has proved difficult.

As I said, we’re currently away on holiday ski-ing in The Alps. We’re staying in a beautiful chalet with some good friends of ours and their two children. We’ve had such a fun week, and Finley has absolutely loved his first time ski-ing. I’ll do a proper post detailing it all later, but for now I just wanted to write about the the reason for the trip, and that is for the husbands 40th birthday. We’ve had various celebrations going on for a couple of weeks now, ending with this wonderful holiday. We wanted to do something special, but with it being in January, it does limited what’s available to do. So with that, we decided to embrace the cold and come somewhere snowy and beautiful, with some fun activities thrown in.

So happy 40th to an amazing husband and daddy, we love you more than anything and hope you are having the bestest of days


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{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #2 ‘Planning our travels’

So this is the first full year with Finley at school, and us having to travel within the school holiday’s. Therefore we probably need to plan a little bit further ahead then we usually would, as things just get so booked up. Saying that we are being very naughty and taking a week out of term time later this month for the husbands 40th birthday. I’m definitely not going to make this an annual thing, but we planned it before Finley started school, thinking it wasn’t really much of a big deal, and that if we were ever going to do it, then it would be best to do it whilst still in Reception. Now of course the time has come round and I do feel really bad about it, and am cringing letting the office know (as we haven’t yet!) But anyway, hopefully we won’t be too chastised and hiding our faces upon our return!

We’ve been talking about places we’d like to go and see, most of them within The UK, and i’ve been scouring rental websites and just generally thinking about how many holidays we have to fill and how much we want to be away. Of course I’m happy to have some lazy days at home, see friends and have a few days out, so not be away for them all. But it is nice to have quality family time away from all the daily chores in the house, and explore new places. We bought a camper van last Easter and plan to use this as much as we can, but of course when the weather gets a little warmer!

Thinking about the year ahead, we have the following plans for the first few months…



The mentioned holiday later this month. Ski-ing in France for a week for the husbands 40th birthday. We’re going with another couple and their two children and staying in a beautiful chalet. It’s Finley’s (and obviously Hugo’s) first time ski-ing and everyone is very excited. Finley hasn’t seen proper snow since he was two and doesn’t remember, so he cannot wait to build a snowman and go tobogganing! The husband has had a fair few trips with friends since having children so is pretty good, and me? I have been only once, 11 years ago. And everyones favourite memory is how I made my boyfriend (the now husband) carry my skis back up a mountain as I had a mild panic attack about falling off the edge of the mountain, decided to give up and walk back up! So you could say I’m a little apprehensive… But honestly, I’m so looking forward to seeing some real snow (whats this rubbish we’ve had the last few years?!), eating french cheese, drinking mulled wine and relaxing with my family.


Nothing huge planned for this half term, but we will be going to our local theatre to see a show, and I’m sure a couple of wintery days out, hopefully one to a farm to see some early lambs being born


With it being a whole two weeks off school, we definitely want to get a few days away, and we hopefully booking a beautiful barn in Norfolk with some friends for the Easter weekend


With the first week of the month still being in the Easter holidays, we’re hoping for some Spring weather so we can get out for a couple of days in the camper. Not anywhere overnight, but some not-too-far-away beauty spots for picnics and fun

So that’s all we’ve got so far but I’m very much looking forward to the first part of the year, and planning all the trips and little days out

It’s going to be a great year

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{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #1 ‘2016 plans and finally making a go of this’

So here I am, finally writing a blog post after a bit of a failed attempt last year. I had all good intentions last summer but for whatever reason, i ended up tailing off with the posts in September. But with the new year, comes me really wanting to get into a regular routine of posting here, and i’m starting off by joining in with Katie’s Ordinary Moments linky.

I’ve been following Katie’s blog right from the start, as my eldest boy is pretty much the same age as Katie’s eldest daughter, and she’s really inspired me to start my own blog. Which of course I’ve been planning to for about 4 years now, but I’ve always found it pretty daunting as I really don’t know my way around a computer these days! I’ve got a long way to go, but am really going to try and learn as much as i can, and hopefully get this blog looking a bit better at some point! But right now this is really just an online family journal for me and my family, somewhere to document all of the little moments and exciting times too. I just want to have something to look back on from my boys childhood, and somewhere to put all the copious amount of photos and videos I take!

Being new to blogging, I’m not really sure of the etiquette but i know i do want to back date some posts i planned from last year, of our holidays and special days, like my biggest boy starting school, as that is definitely something I want to be able to look back on here.

I’m not going to set myself any unrealistic expectations, but just capture as much as i can, blog when i can and start building this little journal of mine.