The biggest and littlest {week six}


He is loving being outdoors and playing in the garden after school,

starting to plan his Birthday party for October (!),

and has come on so much with his reading, making all of us super proud


He is loving helping mummy with the gardening,

climbing on anything,

and still isn’t really talking much at all but certainly understands everything you say to him!

The biggest and littlest {week five}


He is loving being back at school and seeing all his friends,

starting Karate,

and is already talking about what kind of party he wants for his next birthday!


He is really into exploring outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles,

is obsessed with any fruit

and loves copying anything his big brother does

The biggest and littlest {week three)

 He is been working so hard with his reading and practicing his words,

is really thriving at big school

and does not stop asking to have his friends over for dinner!

He is having such a great time exploring the outside world on two feet,

touching and feeling everything

and has started to have some major meltdowns when he doesn’t want to do something!

The biggest and littlest {week two}


You’re enjoying being back at school and seeing all your friends again,

having after-school play dates

and keep on asking for chilled out days just playing at home


You have pretty much given up the crawling and now walk everywhere,

are really enjoying playing with the ‘big’ children

and have been a little cranky this week which I think is because you’ve got so many teeth coming through

The biggest and littlest {week one}


He has had such a wonderful Christmas and couldn’t have been happier with all the amazing gifts he received,

loved his very special treat from daddy of going to see The Lion King with mummy,

and has just really enjoyed the ‘chill out’ days at home playing with new toys and watching Christmas TV


He loved ‘ooooing’ at all the presents being unwrapped,

has started walking so much more and now doesn’t stop,

and has unfortunately been waking so much in the night crying that we’ve all been pretty tired over the Christmas break!

The biggest and littlest {week three}


He absolutely loved having our neighbours children over for a sleepover,

especially chatting Star Wars to the boys,

and had the best time on our beach hut day at the seaside.


This one has been constantly on the go and doesn’t sit still for a second,

loved the beach hut day too, especially splashing in the little inflatable boat we bought him,

and loved seeing all the animals at the farm last week

The biggest and littlest {week two}

DSC03325.JPGHe would go out for ‘coffee’ and cake every day if he could,

is loving spending lots of time outdoors,

and is super excited for our camping trip next week


He cannot stop dancing to the slightest bit of music,

adores ‘twinkle twinkle’

and has for some reason developed fear and terror over bathtime!

The biggest and littlest {week one}

DSC03256He is loving the summer holidays and the freedom that it brings.

is absolutely STILL obsessed with Star Wars,

really enjoyed going to Kids Fest at Marsh Farm and seeing ‘the real’ Mr Bloom,

and loves the new messy play Tuesday group


He is loving the new messy play Tuesday group,

cannot stop crawling everywhere and loves wrecking the house

has started to wave hello and goodbye to EVERYONE

and seems to have an appetite for sand!