Our trip to The Peak District 

Way back in August we had a fantastic camping trip to The Peak District. We decided to buy ourselves a camper van at Easter, and we did a couple of days then, but this was our first proper trip – a whole week in the camper! We’ve not really camped much before this, apart from festival camping, but we really did have such a lovely time. I must admit, I do find it hard, the whole communal toilets and shower block thing, and the campsite we chose was really basic, but it was all fine. Of course I made sure I wore my flip-flops in the shower though! We stayed in a beautiful location, at a site called Shallow Grange Farm, it was so picturesque and on a working farm. As I said it was really back to basics, no restaurant, shop or leisure facilities, but actually I loved it. The boys were free to roam (although it was pretty hard confining a crawling baby to the van in bad weather) and explore the surrounding land, and they loved having that freedom. The weather wasn’t the best, but rain was predicted for the whole week, so we did well with just getting a couple of days of it.

There is so much to do, in and around The Peak District, so we were spoilt for choice. It’s somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now, so I did some research and jotted down all the must-do things. We went to the amazing Chatsworth House twice we loved it so much, visited Bakewell, Buxton and Matloch Bath, rode the cable car at The Heights of Abraham, and spent a day at Alton Towers. We of course went on lots of lovely walks too, and had a beautiful afternoon at Dovedale.

It really has been one of my favourite trips, we absolutely loved the area, and we’re hopefully starting to get the hang of the camping lark a little more, so will undoubtedly make our next trip even easier.











DSC03568Family photo fail as usual


The biggest and littlest {week one}

DSC03256He is loving the summer holidays and the freedom that it brings.

is absolutely STILL obsessed with Star Wars,

really enjoyed going to Kids Fest at Marsh Farm and seeing ‘the real’ Mr Bloom,

and loves the new messy play Tuesday group


He is loving the new messy play Tuesday group,

cannot stop crawling everywhere and loves wrecking the house

has started to wave hello and goodbye to EVERYONE

and seems to have an appetite for sand!

Our holiday to Sardinia – July 2015

It took us a long time to decide on where to go for our summer holiday this year. Our first holiday abroad as a family of 4 and we fancied somewhere different, but also not too far as a long-haul flight with an 8 month old might not be the all that much fun! We were travelling with our friends and their little boy who’s the same age as Hugo. We knew we wanted to do a villa holiday as it’s so handy with the littles, and Italy seemed like a great choice. None of us had ever been, but always wanted to go. (Infact, in our life before children, the husband and I decided to learn Italian and hired a private tutor…lets just say it didn’t go too well and we ended up never going to Italy!) In the end we decided on southern Sardinia. We’d heard great things and it also has some of the best beaches in Europe, so Finley would get his beach for his favourite pastime…digging!

The flight was pretty short, just 2hrs 20mins so wasn’t too daunting for us all. Finley was brilliant on the flight, and for a first timer, Hugo wasn’t too bad either! Once we’d landed we had such a long wait for the hire car, but luckily we found a gelato stand to keep the boys entertained!

We finally got the car, and headed to our villa. Unfortunaetly a couple of hours was spent with the children (and the grown-ups if I’m honest) being super tired and grumpy. The villa was in the middle of nowhere, and stupidly we’d decided to head straight there without stopping for some essentials en route. This meant once we arrived we had no drinking water – as the local water came from a well, and nothing to eat. Add this to the weather being 36°c and the babies having skipped dinner, it was not a pretty sight that’s for sure! Eventually all was ok as the boys were sent out for copious amounts of water, pizza and wine!

The Villa was just outside a small town called Villa San Pietro, which was just outside the larger town of beautiful Pula. The villa was lovely, with our own pool and large garden. Both of the boys loved swimming everyday, with the freedom of having a place just for us. The owners even had a huge box of Lego so Finley was overjoyed!

We spent most of our days swimming, relaxing, eating, playing lego and generally just having a really nice time.

We visited a couple of really nice beaches, Nora and Chia. Chia was absolutely beautiful, with white sand and turquoise sea. We would have loved to have spent a lot more time by the sea, but it was just so hot, so we found ourselves either heading there early in the morning, or after the strong afternoon sun.

We all had lots of very late nights, eating out, copious amounts of Gelato and watching the fantastic street entertainers.

It was an amazing week with our friends and we made some truly wonderful family memories.


Takeaway pizza on our first night


View from our villa


the littlest


the biggest




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beautful Pula




Finleys heaven


having the time of his life




the obligatory eating the sand pic


my boys


Pula market


A trip to Center Parcs June 2015

This family absolutely love Center Parcs! We have been for the last three years and really do have the best time. We go with our good friends and their two boys, who Finley adores. It was extra special this year as it was our first as a family of four and we couldn’t wait.

We set off early(ish) on the Friday and drove the fairly short journey to Elvedon, Suffolk. We collected our bikes and went to check out our villa. We hoped Finley would be able to ride a bike without stabilisers this year, but unfortunately mummy and daddy have been pretty rubbish taking him out to practise, so we thought a tag-along with daddy would be a good idea. I had Hugo in a trailer on the back of mine, which was a little worrying as i’ve never been the best on a bike but it was all ok, I just had to remember to take the corners slow!

We then headed to The Village to do a bit of shopping and have a much needed Starbucks whilst we waited for our friends. Finley was super excited to see them, and they were running around like crazy together. We all headed back to the villa and had a quick freshen up and change before heading back out again to dinner at Bella Italia, our usual tradition. It was a lovely well needed relaxing evening and we were excited our weekend had started.

The next 3 days were taken up with sensory class for Hugo, Archery and Crazy Golf for Finley, with swimming, bike rides, boating, bowling and lots of eating for us all! Finley, daddy and our friends also did the treasure trail race again, as we had such fun doing it last year and actually came in second, this year they actually  won it! Me and Hugo stayed at the villa and had a much needed nap instead.

It was Hugos first time swimming (yes, bad parents) whilst we were at CP as we just hadn’t got round to it at home. He absolutely loved it, a definite water baby for sure! Finley is so much more confident in the water now, even riding on the slides and chutes with daddy, not minding when the water went in his face or getting splashed (this was a different story last year).

It was by far our best trip to CP and we’re already planning next years 🙂
















And here’s a little film of our stay

To my biggest boy…Your last day at pre-school

Dear Finley

You’ve been at pre-school since just after your second birthday, and you’ve loved every second.

It’s very close to our house so we’ve always had a lovely walk there, and you go on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

You’ve made such lovely friends, and are always talking about the fun you have.

But now that journey has come to an end…you had your last ever day on Thursday, and the Leavers Lunch on Friday.

It was such a wonderful and emotional afternoon, and we all had a lovely time.

We walked there with your bestest friend (and our neighbour) Charlotte. Charlottes cousins Thomas and Isabelle came along too, and you had fun scooting to nursery with them.

Once we got there, Mrs Homer, Mrs Park and all your teachers had laid on a really yummy lunch which everyone enjoyed.
You and your friends (Charlotte, Tegan, Yasmine, Eloise & Jude) climbed up to the tree house, and ate your lunch there, leaving us mummies and daddies to chat and relax in the sunshine for a little while.

They had sweeties and pudding, and of course Finley, you wanted all the sweeties!! You really do have the biggest sweet tooth, so we have to be careful not to let you have too much as you always have a crazy ‘SUGAR RUUUUUUUUUUSH!’

After pudding it was time for all of you Ducklings to sing a little goodbye song you’ve been practising.

It was so sweet, and pretty much everyone had a tear in their eye!

You gave the presents to Mrs Homer and Mrs Park (flowers that we put into little jars with ribbons and sequins), chocolates to all the other teachers, and a lovely handmade book for Mrs Park, with all the things you love about her.
She really loved it, and was so impressed with your writing! (even if you did start crying whilst doing it, as your little hands were so tired!)

After the leavers lunch, we came home and had a bit of a chill out then went out for dinner to celebrate (or mourn in mummy’s case!) the end of pre-school.

I love you more than all the stars and the whole world

Mummy xx