To my biggest boy…Your last day at pre-school

Dear Finley

You’ve been at pre-school since just after your second birthday, and you’ve loved every second.

It’s very close to our house so we’ve always had a lovely walk there, and you go on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

You’ve made such lovely friends, and are always talking about the fun you have.

But now that journey has come to an end…you had your last ever day on Thursday, and the Leavers Lunch on Friday.

It was such a wonderful and emotional afternoon, and we all had a lovely time.

We walked there with your bestest friend (and our neighbour) Charlotte. Charlottes cousins Thomas and Isabelle came along too, and you had fun scooting to nursery with them.

Once we got there, Mrs Homer, Mrs Park and all your teachers had laid on a really yummy lunch which everyone enjoyed.
You and your friends (Charlotte, Tegan, Yasmine, Eloise & Jude) climbed up to the tree house, and ate your lunch there, leaving us mummies and daddies to chat and relax in the sunshine for a little while.

They had sweeties and pudding, and of course Finley, you wanted all the sweeties!! You really do have the biggest sweet tooth, so we have to be careful not to let you have too much as you always have a crazy ‘SUGAR RUUUUUUUUUUSH!’

After pudding it was time for all of you Ducklings to sing a little goodbye song you’ve been practising.

It was so sweet, and pretty much everyone had a tear in their eye!

You gave the presents to Mrs Homer and Mrs Park (flowers that we put into little jars with ribbons and sequins), chocolates to all the other teachers, and a lovely handmade book for Mrs Park, with all the things you love about her.
She really loved it, and was so impressed with your writing! (even if you did start crying whilst doing it, as your little hands were so tired!)

After the leavers lunch, we came home and had a bit of a chill out then went out for dinner to celebrate (or mourn in mummy’s case!) the end of pre-school.

I love you more than all the stars and the whole world

Mummy xx