Me and Mine 2016 / / February


 I’m a little late with my February Me and Mine post as i’ve just had such a busy week that i’m only getting a little time to write this post. We took these photos pretty much at the last minute, last Saturday whilst out for a walk along the canal. It was so so cold that none of us were really feeling it. I completely didn’t think to bring gloves and hats for everyone as I just didn’t realise how cold it was! Finley was crying because his fingers were so cold, Hugo had a horrible wheezy chest so I was conscious of how long we kept him out for, and I wasn’t loving it all that much either. Although they’re not perfect i’d be really disappointed if we missed a month. We do really have to make an effort to take these every month, so if I wasn’t joining in with the photo project then I just know we wouldn’t have any pictures of the four of us.

I think there is something very special about taking a family photo each month, and I know I absolutely love looking back over everyone elses photos once its got to the end of the year, and you can see all twelve. So much changes in a year, but it’s the tiny little things I want to remember, and see how my children have grown.

February has been a bit of a mixed month…It’s seen Hugo come down with the Chickenpox after catching it from Finley, a sickness bug and a virus for Finley, and another horrid wheezy chesty cough from Hugo.

There have also been some lovely times, like half term which was sooooo welcome after the Christmas holidays seeming like an eternity ago. We had some fun playdates with friends, a sleepover with our neighbours children, and a good old trip to Ikea thrown in too!

Although I really do enjoy all seasons and months of the year, I’m really glad to be heading  into March and hopefully a little more sunshine with some signs of spring. March is shaping up to a be a bit busier for us with children parties, things going on at school, and a long weekend away for Easter.

The Me and Mine Project

Me and Mine 2016 // January 


I’m so excited to finally be starting the me and mine project, linking up with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful. I love looking at everyone else’s photos, especially when you can see all of the photos together that have been taken over the course of the year. We have so few photos that we’re all in, and definitely very limited ones of me as i’m always behind the lens. I feel really positive about joining in with this project, as it will be something so nice to look back on, and it encourages us to really make an effort trying to get a picture of all of us. That being said, this was quite a difficult task to achieve! Having been away with friends for the last week, we should have really thought about asking them to get a pic of the four of us, but we were just so busy that i really didn’t take many photos at all, as everyone seemed to be in a different place, either having separate ski lessons or just going for a walk to keep the babies entertained. So with that I left it till the very last minute (3pm today!) to walk to the end of our road, set up the gorilla pod, where the legs for some reason were not staying attached and kept on falling off when I was trying to get a good angle to set it down to take this pic! You can’t tell here, but i really think the husband wanted to kill me just before this was taken as it took me so long to fix the bloody gorilla pod that Hugo kept on running off and launching himself bum first into muddle puddles then having a tantrum when he was lifted out of them! Definitely need to invest in a proper tripod and maybe a remote! The picture isn’t the best, but it’s the best I could do with a grumpy husband and a screaming one year old that really didn’t want to be confined for the sake of a photo!

So January…usually a pretty quiet month for us, back to healthy eating, trying not to spend any pennies after the explosion of Christmas, but actually it was a super busy month for us this year. We started the month with the husband and Finley still on Christmas holidays and enjoying our last few days at home, and with a trip to Disney-on-ice thrown in. Then it was back to school, work and toddler groups. I spent the first couple of weeks researching a place to stay for a few days over the Easter holidays, organising the husbands birthday surprises and presents, and planning for our ski-trip. After that came a lovely night out for the big birthday with 22 close friends, then a few days later our ski-ing trip to Chamonix and more birthday celebrations. We arrived home on Friday and have had a lovely chilled weekend at home, unpacking, doing chores and just generally relaxing together. Oh and how could I forget to say that Finley came out in chicken pox on the first day of holiday, what bad timing! But all was pretty much ok as he didn’t have it too bad, we just delayed ski school by a couple of days hoping that he wasn’t contagious anymore. Anyway the French didn’t seem to bothered about it but hopefully he didn’t infect everyone there! Just waiting to see if Hugo catches it now…

So with that busy month out the way, i’m really looking forward to a pretty quiet February with a well earned half-term thrown in.

The Me and Mine Project