Hugo @ 20 months

dsc06997Dearest darling Hugo,

So I’ve been a very naughty mummy and haven’t written you a letter in a few months. Sorry my darling but I’ve just been having too much fun with you and your brother, so this blog has become a little neglected.

But here I am now writing you your 20 month update! I cannot believe in just a few more months you’ll be 2! It really seems like yesterday you were still such a tiny baby, and now you are most definitely a full on toddler!

You’ve been a little bit troublesome the last couple of months, having lots of lots of tantrums but i know its just your age, and the fact that you still don’t really say any words at all so you get cross when we don’t know what you want, or when you have you do something that you don’t want to and can’t communicate that with us. I know its just a phase and one you will certainly grow out of, but mummy is finding it a little difficult i must admit.

Your personality is really shining through recently, and you are such a character. You have a real sense of humour and love making people laugh. You can be such a cutie pie, always laughing and giggling and getting up to mischief. You absolutely love cuddles always run up to us, put your arms around our necks and say ‘Ahhhhh’.

You and your friend Albie are such a funny pair together, thick as thieves but can also get so cross with each other if one of you takes a toy the other wants to play with! It is so funny to watch, and me and your Auntie Emma just leave you two to it to figure it out for yourselves!

You are still such a mummy’s boy, but have a real thing for Daddy at the moment too. Anyone else and you’re still not that sure. You of course like other grown-ups, but you’d certainly rather be with mummy and daddy. You’re warming up a little to your Nene and even don’t mind being left for an hour or two every now and again so mummy can get her nails painted! You also love your Auntie Emma and your playdates with Albie.

We have quite a nice busy week at the moment, tending to go to groups and things in the mornings, back home for lunch, then a long nap before I have to wake you to collect your brother.

You and Finley have been playing together so lovely lately, and he of course is still infatuated with you. Although you have started to get cross with him quite a lot, if he doesn’t want you to touch his lego, or takes a toy away from you. You like to do a very high pitched scream then usually hit him on the head with something! You get a little bit told off of course, but you don’t seem to care that much! This i know is just the usual sibling bickering, and also the no talking thing too as you just can’t get across to us what you want sometimes.

One thing you really love is when Finley has friends over. You seem to really really love older children, especially Finleys friends and just want to play upstairs with them the whole time. But usually they’re building lego and don’t want you in the room because you end up breaking what they’ve made!

I’ll try and do these a little more regularly as I know we will love reading them together when you’re older and I will cherish being able to remember all those little moments i may have otherwise forgotten.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x

(This is a backdated post from June 2015)





Hugo | 15 months 

Dearest darling Hugo,

So this is my first little letter and update for you. I cannot believe you’re 15 months, well over a year it’s just unbelievable. You’ve turned into a proper toddler over the last month, walking, actually more like running, everywhere. You are into EVERYTHING and I’m constantly having to stop you from climbing onto the open door of the dishwasher, or from unraveling an entire roll of toilet roll! You really are a wild one and I definitely can’t take my eyes off you for a second. Absolutely nothing like your brother when he was your age. You definitely know your mind a lot more and have had a fair few tantrums already!

The things that seem to make you most cross are when you have to go in the car or buggy for the school run or errands etc. You just get so cross as you constantly want to do your own thing and go your own way. Hopefully as you get a little older and can communicate better, you won’t get as cross with mummy.

You still love waving at EVERYONE and really liked walking up and down the aisle doing this on the plane last week. You have the cutest and funniest little wave and it really does make people laugh. You’re still not talking much and pretty much only say ‘mama’ ‘dada’ and kind of ‘bye-bye’. But you understand A LOT and are pretty responsive if we give you any instruction. You constantly nod no and shake your head yes when we ask you questions.

You’re a pretty good eater and have an incredible appetite. You are getting a little fussy as you get older, but still eat so many foods. Your current favourites are sweet potato mash, sausages, lamb curry, shepherds pie and pesto pasta. Your are massively into snacks and fruit and you constantly point and scream at the snack cupboard or fruit bowl. When mummy says no you throw yourself on the floor and cry. Your favourites are pretty much any fruit, but especially berries, pomegranates and banana. And you love oat bars, Heinz baby biscuits, dried fruit bars and crackers. You guzzle down water and have been having some of mummys morning smoothies too.

You do love a bit of TV and absolutely adore Peppa Pig. You’re quite partial to a bit of go-jetters and twirlywoos too. Of course Finley enjoys watching things that probably aren’t too appropriate for you but you zone in on them anyway.

You adore your older brother and he does you in return. You do sometimes get a little cross with him if he won’t let you play with a toy or if he’s got a snack you want. You do like to wreck his room and hit him with numerous toys, but he’s pretty good and doesn’t really get cross with you.

You’ve always been a really good sleeper since birth and sleep from 7pm-7pm, sometimes waking a little earlier, sometimes a little later.

We have a little weekly routine now all the chaos of birthdays and Christmas is over and you seem to thrive on it. We started Tumble Tots last month and you’re loving it so far. We also go to song and rhyme time at the library, and although you do run around the library a lot, you really enjoy the songs and stories. We definitely want to find a couple more playgroups to go to, so mummy will have a look for some nice ones for us.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x



Starting school

Dear Finley,

Well here it is. The day you start school. I have really been dreading it, pretty much for the last year, hoping that this summer would last a little longer. I can’t quite believe that the day has arrived. It’s surreal and definitely scary, yet exciting too.

We were a little bit in limbo before the summer holidays, holding out for a place on the wait list for our first choice school, knowing we were top of the list, and we were finally offered a place on the very last day of term. It was amazing news but because of this, you missed both the playdates and I never got a chance to meet any of the mums to arrange something over the summer. But none of this really matters all that much, children at your age make friends so easily and you’re such a fun likeable little boy that I’m sure you’ll have a new best friend within the first week!

So with all this in mind, the past couple of weeks have been super busy having lots of fun days out, and one final camping trip of the summer. But also busy with sorting out all your school bits and bobs, ironing and hanging up your new uniform, and buying your first ever pair of school shoes (which you said you don’t really like as you find them too hard and heavy!) Last week you had a little playdate at school, just for an hour, and that was so emotional for mummy. I cant imagine what i’ll be like today! You are really excited of course, I thought you may be a little nervous as we don’t know anyone at this school, but you seem to be taking it all in your stride and are not really fazed by it and I couldn’t be prouder.

I am of course excited for YOU, and this new chapter in your life. I absolutely loved school when I was a girl and have so many happy memories, therefore I  can’t wait for you to experience all of the same. Saying that, I myself am so not ready for this day. The day everything changes. Im really struggling with the thought of not having you here with me every day, the fact that you HAVE to go to school. I can’t just let you have the day off like in pre-school, if we decide to something fun. It all seems so grown up… It’s so true about what they say that the days are long but the years are short. I feel like i blinked and nearly 5 years just flashed by without me relishing every single moment.

It’s going to be tough for me not knowing what you are doing, not being there for you if you fall over and hurt yourself, or if someone is mean to you.

You are such a fun spirited, outgoing, funny and kind little boy, and I know you’re going to thrive, I know…I just wish I could rewind just a little, for a few more weeks together to enjoy, just us, being together. But of course I can’t so I’m already thinking about half term!

I’ll be brave for you my darling boy, i’ll hold back the tears when we kiss goodbye, but I may just squeeze you that little bit longer at your classroom door.

But i’ll be so proud of you and the big boy you’ve become.

My biggest baby at big school.

I love you more than all the stars and the whole world

Mummy x


This is a backdated post but definitely one I want to have to look back on here

To my biggest boy…Your last day at pre-school

Dear Finley

You’ve been at pre-school since just after your second birthday, and you’ve loved every second.

It’s very close to our house so we’ve always had a lovely walk there, and you go on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

You’ve made such lovely friends, and are always talking about the fun you have.

But now that journey has come to an end…you had your last ever day on Thursday, and the Leavers Lunch on Friday.

It was such a wonderful and emotional afternoon, and we all had a lovely time.

We walked there with your bestest friend (and our neighbour) Charlotte. Charlottes cousins Thomas and Isabelle came along too, and you had fun scooting to nursery with them.

Once we got there, Mrs Homer, Mrs Park and all your teachers had laid on a really yummy lunch which everyone enjoyed.
You and your friends (Charlotte, Tegan, Yasmine, Eloise & Jude) climbed up to the tree house, and ate your lunch there, leaving us mummies and daddies to chat and relax in the sunshine for a little while.

They had sweeties and pudding, and of course Finley, you wanted all the sweeties!! You really do have the biggest sweet tooth, so we have to be careful not to let you have too much as you always have a crazy ‘SUGAR RUUUUUUUUUUSH!’

After pudding it was time for all of you Ducklings to sing a little goodbye song you’ve been practising.

It was so sweet, and pretty much everyone had a tear in their eye!

You gave the presents to Mrs Homer and Mrs Park (flowers that we put into little jars with ribbons and sequins), chocolates to all the other teachers, and a lovely handmade book for Mrs Park, with all the things you love about her.
She really loved it, and was so impressed with your writing! (even if you did start crying whilst doing it, as your little hands were so tired!)

After the leavers lunch, we came home and had a bit of a chill out then went out for dinner to celebrate (or mourn in mummy’s case!) the end of pre-school.

I love you more than all the stars and the whole world

Mummy xx