Amongst the bluebells

DSC08126So I’ve been really rubbish with this blog the last year, and completely forgot why I wanted to create a blog in the first place. To record my young children’s life and all the little memories otherwise forgotten. I got a bit bogged down in not taking a good enough photo, and being irritated that I really haven’t learnt a lot on the technical side to improve the look of my blog. But because of that I’ve missed documenting some important moments in the boys lives and that’s annoyed me even more! I just need to focus on recording all the little things, and then hopefully I can learn a little more along the way, and one day get this blog up to scratch.

So on that note, here is a little post on our bluebell adventures from last weekend. We went to a beautiful little forest near to us called Blakes Wood and took a few photos of the boys and also their little friend who lives across the road to us. We had a lovely couple of hours exploring and adventuring before heading to the pub for a yummy dinner. The children played so lovely together and really had fun doing their little make-believe play. They thought it was pretty annoying that we wanted to stop to take a few photos amongst the bluebells but thankfully we got a few nice pictures before they all ran off!





The biggest & littlest #1

The biggest


This one has been so good over the last few days of the holidays and really wasn’t ready to go back to school. He’s been really enjoying the lazy days at home and playing endless board games and lego! But once he was back, all was fine and I’m sure he was happy to catch up with his friends. He’s also become so confident with riding his bike and now asks to go out on it every day!

The littlest


He’s really grown up over the last week, and is finally saying quite a few more words! He has really missed his brother once he was back to school, but seems super excited to start school himself…tomorrow! Well pre-school of course, but i jus cannot believe the time has come for him to go for a couple of mornings. I will of course miss him terribly, but I am quite looking forward to having a tiny little bit of time for myself. Maybe i’ll actually keep on top of this blog this year!

The biggest and littlest {week six}


He is loving being outdoors and playing in the garden after school,

starting to plan his Birthday party for October (!),

and has come on so much with his reading, making all of us super proud


He is loving helping mummy with the gardening,

climbing on anything,

and still isn’t really talking much at all but certainly understands everything you say to him!

{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #7 ‘Parents evening and the proudest mummy’

It’s not been the best week in this house, we’ve had sleepless nights with the littlest because of his Chicken Pox, he’s been generally grumpy and pretty clingy. Plus to top it off we’ve pretty much been in quarantine stuck in the house all week, bar the school run, so as not to infect anyone else.  It’s been quite a tough parenting week, but of course it’s also been nice having the extra cuddles and I wouldn’t change a thing. (We won’t talk about the 1 year old screaming on the school run or hanging off my leg howling like a banshee each evening whilst i’ve tried to cook dinner).

But within the not so great week was something that made us so proud of our biggest boy, and that was parents evening. We’ve already had one back in November which was to discuss how they are settling in etc, but this one was to look at work and discuss a little bit more in detail how they’re getting on in terms of achievement and attitude towards school. Finley doesn’t attend our local catchment school, but goes to one a couple of villages on. We chose it for various reasons but mainly we just preferred it and thought it was right for him. The classes are slightly smaller and it feeds on to a fantastic secondary school. We didn’t get in initially, and was on the wait list throughout the summer, finally getting a place on the last day of term. So because of that, he didn’t know a soul when he started as most of his pre-school friends went to our local school. He has settled in so well and made some lovely friends. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school and feel it was definitely the right decision for us. I’ve made some lovely school mum friends and even joined the PTA!

So Wednesday evening rolled round, and it was parent teacher consultation time. Finley’s class teacher is so lovely and is like an actual real-life Disney character! She told us he is a core member of the class and has come so far from his first day where he didn’t know anyone. He’s doing fantastic in all aspects of learning and made us so proud with everything she said. I don’t want to become one of those annoying gushing parents who thinks their child can do no wrong, but at the same time, why shouldn’t we feel proud of their achievements? As a newborn Finley was a terrible sleeper and generally very clingy, needing to be constantly held and entertained. Because of that i really struggled with the baby blues, and found myself constantly telling friends and family what hard work he was. Fast forward a few months and he really became a complete dream, never having tantrums, and we barely got a glimpse of the terrible-twos. I thought about how negative i’d been those first few months, so rather than join in with everyone complaining about the terrible-twos, i thought no, I’m going to praise my beautiful little boy, and instead say how far he’d come, and that he was pretty much a dream. Of course I’ve had tough parenting moments, and now he’s five there are of course days where my patience is tested to the max (hello grumpiness and answering back). But I try not to focus on the negative or bad days, and instead move on and think about all the wonderful moments and the things that make me feel proud about my children.

So here i am this week, being an annoying overly gushy type mum, and I’m not even sorry.

Linking up with Katie @mummydaddyme

The biggest and littlest {week five}


He is loving being back at school and seeing all his friends,

starting Karate,

and is already talking about what kind of party he wants for his next birthday!


He is really into exploring outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles,

is obsessed with any fruit

and loves copying anything his big brother does

Me and Mine 2016 // January 


I’m so excited to finally be starting the me and mine project, linking up with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful. I love looking at everyone else’s photos, especially when you can see all of the photos together that have been taken over the course of the year. We have so few photos that we’re all in, and definitely very limited ones of me as i’m always behind the lens. I feel really positive about joining in with this project, as it will be something so nice to look back on, and it encourages us to really make an effort trying to get a picture of all of us. That being said, this was quite a difficult task to achieve! Having been away with friends for the last week, we should have really thought about asking them to get a pic of the four of us, but we were just so busy that i really didn’t take many photos at all, as everyone seemed to be in a different place, either having separate ski lessons or just going for a walk to keep the babies entertained. So with that I left it till the very last minute (3pm today!) to walk to the end of our road, set up the gorilla pod, where the legs for some reason were not staying attached and kept on falling off when I was trying to get a good angle to set it down to take this pic! You can’t tell here, but i really think the husband wanted to kill me just before this was taken as it took me so long to fix the bloody gorilla pod that Hugo kept on running off and launching himself bum first into muddle puddles then having a tantrum when he was lifted out of them! Definitely need to invest in a proper tripod and maybe a remote! The picture isn’t the best, but it’s the best I could do with a grumpy husband and a screaming one year old that really didn’t want to be confined for the sake of a photo!

So January…usually a pretty quiet month for us, back to healthy eating, trying not to spend any pennies after the explosion of Christmas, but actually it was a super busy month for us this year. We started the month with the husband and Finley still on Christmas holidays and enjoying our last few days at home, and with a trip to Disney-on-ice thrown in. Then it was back to school, work and toddler groups. I spent the first couple of weeks researching a place to stay for a few days over the Easter holidays, organising the husbands birthday surprises and presents, and planning for our ski-trip. After that came a lovely night out for the big birthday with 22 close friends, then a few days later our ski-ing trip to Chamonix and more birthday celebrations. We arrived home on Friday and have had a lovely chilled weekend at home, unpacking, doing chores and just generally relaxing together. Oh and how could I forget to say that Finley came out in chicken pox on the first day of holiday, what bad timing! But all was pretty much ok as he didn’t have it too bad, we just delayed ski school by a couple of days hoping that he wasn’t contagious anymore. Anyway the French didn’t seem to bothered about it but hopefully he didn’t infect everyone there! Just waiting to see if Hugo catches it now…

So with that busy month out the way, i’m really looking forward to a pretty quiet February with a well earned half-term thrown in.

The Me and Mine Project

The biggest and littlest {week three)

 He is been working so hard with his reading and practicing his words,

is really thriving at big school

and does not stop asking to have his friends over for dinner!

He is having such a great time exploring the outside world on two feet,

touching and feeling everything

and has started to have some major meltdowns when he doesn’t want to do something!

Starting school

Dear Finley,

Well here it is. The day you start school. I have really been dreading it, pretty much for the last year, hoping that this summer would last a little longer. I can’t quite believe that the day has arrived. It’s surreal and definitely scary, yet exciting too.

We were a little bit in limbo before the summer holidays, holding out for a place on the wait list for our first choice school, knowing we were top of the list, and we were finally offered a place on the very last day of term. It was amazing news but because of this, you missed both the playdates and I never got a chance to meet any of the mums to arrange something over the summer. But none of this really matters all that much, children at your age make friends so easily and you’re such a fun likeable little boy that I’m sure you’ll have a new best friend within the first week!

So with all this in mind, the past couple of weeks have been super busy having lots of fun days out, and one final camping trip of the summer. But also busy with sorting out all your school bits and bobs, ironing and hanging up your new uniform, and buying your first ever pair of school shoes (which you said you don’t really like as you find them too hard and heavy!) Last week you had a little playdate at school, just for an hour, and that was so emotional for mummy. I cant imagine what i’ll be like today! You are really excited of course, I thought you may be a little nervous as we don’t know anyone at this school, but you seem to be taking it all in your stride and are not really fazed by it and I couldn’t be prouder.

I am of course excited for YOU, and this new chapter in your life. I absolutely loved school when I was a girl and have so many happy memories, therefore I  can’t wait for you to experience all of the same. Saying that, I myself am so not ready for this day. The day everything changes. Im really struggling with the thought of not having you here with me every day, the fact that you HAVE to go to school. I can’t just let you have the day off like in pre-school, if we decide to something fun. It all seems so grown up… It’s so true about what they say that the days are long but the years are short. I feel like i blinked and nearly 5 years just flashed by without me relishing every single moment.

It’s going to be tough for me not knowing what you are doing, not being there for you if you fall over and hurt yourself, or if someone is mean to you.

You are such a fun spirited, outgoing, funny and kind little boy, and I know you’re going to thrive, I know…I just wish I could rewind just a little, for a few more weeks together to enjoy, just us, being together. But of course I can’t so I’m already thinking about half term!

I’ll be brave for you my darling boy, i’ll hold back the tears when we kiss goodbye, but I may just squeeze you that little bit longer at your classroom door.

But i’ll be so proud of you and the big boy you’ve become.

My biggest baby at big school.

I love you more than all the stars and the whole world

Mummy x


This is a backdated post but definitely one I want to have to look back on here

The biggest and littlest {week one}


He has had such a wonderful Christmas and couldn’t have been happier with all the amazing gifts he received,

loved his very special treat from daddy of going to see The Lion King with mummy,

and has just really enjoyed the ‘chill out’ days at home playing with new toys and watching Christmas TV


He loved ‘ooooing’ at all the presents being unwrapped,

has started walking so much more and now doesn’t stop,

and has unfortunately been waking so much in the night crying that we’ve all been pretty tired over the Christmas break!

{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #1 ‘2016 plans and finally making a go of this’

So here I am, finally writing a blog post after a bit of a failed attempt last year. I had all good intentions last summer but for whatever reason, i ended up tailing off with the posts in September. But with the new year, comes me really wanting to get into a regular routine of posting here, and i’m starting off by joining in with Katie’s Ordinary Moments linky.

I’ve been following Katie’s blog right from the start, as my eldest boy is pretty much the same age as Katie’s eldest daughter, and she’s really inspired me to start my own blog. Which of course I’ve been planning to for about 4 years now, but I’ve always found it pretty daunting as I really don’t know my way around a computer these days! I’ve got a long way to go, but am really going to try and learn as much as i can, and hopefully get this blog looking a bit better at some point! But right now this is really just an online family journal for me and my family, somewhere to document all of the little moments and exciting times too. I just want to have something to look back on from my boys childhood, and somewhere to put all the copious amount of photos and videos I take!

Being new to blogging, I’m not really sure of the etiquette but i know i do want to back date some posts i planned from last year, of our holidays and special days, like my biggest boy starting school, as that is definitely something I want to be able to look back on here.

I’m not going to set myself any unrealistic expectations, but just capture as much as i can, blog when i can and start building this little journal of mine.