Amongst the bluebells

DSC08126So I’ve been really rubbish with this blog the last year, and completely forgot why I wanted to create a blog in the first place. To record my young children’s life and all the little memories otherwise forgotten. I got a bit bogged down in not taking a good enough photo, and being irritated that I really haven’t learnt a lot on the technical side to improve the look of my blog. But because of that I’ve missed documenting some important moments in the boys lives and that’s annoyed me even more! I just need to focus on recording all the little things, and then hopefully I can learn a little more along the way, and one day get this blog up to scratch.

So on that note, here is a little post on our bluebell adventures from last weekend. We went to a beautiful little forest near to us called Blakes Wood and took a few photos of the boys and also their little friend who lives across the road to us. We had a lovely couple of hours exploring and adventuring before heading to the pub for a yummy dinner. The children played so lovely together and really had fun doing their little make-believe play. They thought it was pretty annoying that we wanted to stop to take a few photos amongst the bluebells but thankfully we got a few nice pictures before they all ran off!





{The Ordinary moments 2016} #9 ‘Another poorly week but finally blowing away the cobwebs

Unfortunately i missed my ordinary moments post last week as Finley caught a horrible virus and sickness bug and came down really poorly with it on Saturday. We had to miss two of his school friends parties and pretty much didn’t leave the house the whole weekend. So much so, I just didn’t get a minute to sit down and write a post or take any photos. He was finally better by Wednesday and went back to school. But of course then Hugo got poorly too! Not with the sickness bug thankfully, but with a nasty little cough and wheezy chest. He’s had this a couple of times before so we have an inhaler, but it just didn’t seem to be doing much good and I was really worried about him. After a doctors visit on Friday we got some mild steroids, and thankfully he seems to be so much better.  Yesterday we finally were able to leave the house and go for a lovely, albeit FREEZING walk. It really was so cold, and we wasn’t really all that prepared outfit wise, so didn’t actually stay out for very long. We went to a beautiful place called Papermill lock, stopping for tea and cake at the tearooms before setting off on a short walk along the canal. Finley absolutely loved collecting and throwing stones into the water, and Hugo copied him too which was super cute, as he really does adore his big brother. I did attempt to take this months me and mine photos, but they were an absolute disaster as it was just so cold, Finley started crying, Hugo was running off, i look terrible and people kept on walking past! I’m not sure if we’ll have time to take any more, so I may just be posting one of those disasterous ones tomorrow! Oh well, at least we won’t miss a month and it will be funny to look back on I’m sure!

Here are a few of the better ones from the day..


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A trip to Center Parcs June 2015

This family absolutely love Center Parcs! We have been for the last three years and really do have the best time. We go with our good friends and their two boys, who Finley adores. It was extra special this year as it was our first as a family of four and we couldn’t wait.

We set off early(ish) on the Friday and drove the fairly short journey to Elvedon, Suffolk. We collected our bikes and went to check out our villa. We hoped Finley would be able to ride a bike without stabilisers this year, but unfortunately mummy and daddy have been pretty rubbish taking him out to practise, so we thought a tag-along with daddy would be a good idea. I had Hugo in a trailer on the back of mine, which was a little worrying as i’ve never been the best on a bike but it was all ok, I just had to remember to take the corners slow!

We then headed to The Village to do a bit of shopping and have a much needed Starbucks whilst we waited for our friends. Finley was super excited to see them, and they were running around like crazy together. We all headed back to the villa and had a quick freshen up and change before heading back out again to dinner at Bella Italia, our usual tradition. It was a lovely well needed relaxing evening and we were excited our weekend had started.

The next 3 days were taken up with sensory class for Hugo, Archery and Crazy Golf for Finley, with swimming, bike rides, boating, bowling and lots of eating for us all! Finley, daddy and our friends also did the treasure trail race again, as we had such fun doing it last year and actually came in second, this year they actually  won it! Me and Hugo stayed at the villa and had a much needed nap instead.

It was Hugos first time swimming (yes, bad parents) whilst we were at CP as we just hadn’t got round to it at home. He absolutely loved it, a definite water baby for sure! Finley is so much more confident in the water now, even riding on the slides and chutes with daddy, not minding when the water went in his face or getting splashed (this was a different story last year).

It was by far our best trip to CP and we’re already planning next years 🙂
















And here’s a little film of our stay

Picnic fun

We don’t actually go on many picnics. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy them, infact we love the freedom of them (and mummy loves the no mess in the house!). It just seems we can never get them organised properly, and never have any ‘picnicy’ food in the house. But I was prepared this time and I even went shopping with a picnic in mind. We finally used the beautiful wicker picnic basket that the boys got me for Christmas (in the hope that we would have more picnics!).

We’re very lucky that we live in walking distance to an amazing country park, just at the bottom of our road. We didn’t head out till just before 6pm, but as it’s the summer holidays and the weather was so lovely, we didn’t worry too much about a late bedtime. We had a lovely time with the boys getting to explore, run (commando crawl in Hugos case) and have some much needed family time.

Finley named the littlest “Wreck-it Hugo’ for the day, as he kept on grabbing, crushing and basically demolishing everything he could find! There were a lot of smushed strawberries on the blanket by the time we came to clear up!

They both had such a lovely time running around with daddy and playing ‘Star Wars’ games!

Here are a few pics from the day