Hugo @ 20 months

dsc06997Dearest darling Hugo,

So I’ve been a very naughty mummy and haven’t written you a letter in a few months. Sorry my darling but I’ve just been having too much fun with you and your brother, so this blog has become a little neglected.

But here I am now writing you your 20 month update! I cannot believe in just a few more months you’ll be 2! It really seems like yesterday you were still such a tiny baby, and now you are most definitely a full on toddler!

You’ve been a little bit troublesome the last couple of months, having lots of lots of tantrums but i know its just your age, and the fact that you still don’t really say any words at all so you get cross when we don’t know what you want, or when you have you do something that you don’t want to and can’t communicate that with us. I know its just a phase and one you will certainly grow out of, but mummy is finding it a little difficult i must admit.

Your personality is really shining through recently, and you are such a character. You have a real sense of humour and love making people laugh. You can be such a cutie pie, always laughing and giggling and getting up to mischief. You absolutely love cuddles always run up to us, put your arms around our necks and say ‘Ahhhhh’.

You and your friend Albie are such a funny pair together, thick as thieves but can also get so cross with each other if one of you takes a toy the other wants to play with! It is so funny to watch, and me and your Auntie Emma just leave you two to it to figure it out for yourselves!

You are still such a mummy’s boy, but have a real thing for Daddy at the moment too. Anyone else and you’re still not that sure. You of course like other grown-ups, but you’d certainly rather be with mummy and daddy. You’re warming up a little to your Nene and even don’t mind being left for an hour or two every now and again so mummy can get her nails painted! You also love your Auntie Emma and your playdates with Albie.

We have quite a nice busy week at the moment, tending to go to groups and things in the mornings, back home for lunch, then a long nap before I have to wake you to collect your brother.

You and Finley have been playing together so lovely lately, and he of course is still infatuated with you. Although you have started to get cross with him quite a lot, if he doesn’t want you to touch his lego, or takes a toy away from you. You like to do a very high pitched scream then usually hit him on the head with something! You get a little bit told off of course, but you don’t seem to care that much! This i know is just the usual sibling bickering, and also the no talking thing too as you just can’t get across to us what you want sometimes.

One thing you really love is when Finley has friends over. You seem to really really love older children, especially Finleys friends and just want to play upstairs with them the whole time. But usually they’re building lego and don’t want you in the room because you end up breaking what they’ve made!

I’ll try and do these a little more regularly as I know we will love reading them together when you’re older and I will cherish being able to remember all those little moments i may have otherwise forgotten.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x

(This is a backdated post from June 2015)





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