Me and Mine 2016 / / February


 I’m a little late with my February Me and Mine post as i’ve just had such a busy week that i’m only getting a little time to write this post. We took these photos pretty much at the last minute, last Saturday whilst out for a walk along the canal. It was so so cold that none of us were really feeling it. I completely didn’t think to bring gloves and hats for everyone as I just didn’t realise how cold it was! Finley was crying because his fingers were so cold, Hugo had a horrible wheezy chest so I was conscious of how long we kept him out for, and I wasn’t loving it all that much either. Although they’re not perfect i’d be really disappointed if we missed a month. We do really have to make an effort to take these every month, so if I wasn’t joining in with the photo project then I just know we wouldn’t have any pictures of the four of us.

I think there is something very special about taking a family photo each month, and I know I absolutely love looking back over everyone elses photos once its got to the end of the year, and you can see all twelve. So much changes in a year, but it’s the tiny little things I want to remember, and see how my children have grown.

February has been a bit of a mixed month…It’s seen Hugo come down with the Chickenpox after catching it from Finley, a sickness bug and a virus for Finley, and another horrid wheezy chesty cough from Hugo.

There have also been some lovely times, like half term which was sooooo welcome after the Christmas holidays seeming like an eternity ago. We had some fun playdates with friends, a sleepover with our neighbours children, and a good old trip to Ikea thrown in too!

Although I really do enjoy all seasons and months of the year, I’m really glad to be heading  into March and hopefully a little more sunshine with some signs of spring. March is shaping up to a be a bit busier for us with children parties, things going on at school, and a long weekend away for Easter.

The Me and Mine Project

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