{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #7 ‘Parents evening and the proudest mummy’

It’s not been the best week in this house, we’ve had sleepless nights with the littlest because of his Chicken Pox, he’s been generally grumpy and pretty clingy. Plus to top it off we’ve pretty much been in quarantine stuck in the house all week, bar the school run, so as not to infect anyone else.  It’s been quite a tough parenting week, but of course it’s also been nice having the extra cuddles and I wouldn’t change a thing. (We won’t talk about the 1 year old screaming on the school run or hanging off my leg howling like a banshee each evening whilst i’ve tried to cook dinner).

But within the not so great week was something that made us so proud of our biggest boy, and that was parents evening. We’ve already had one back in November which was to discuss how they are settling in etc, but this one was to look at work and discuss a little bit more in detail how they’re getting on in terms of achievement and attitude towards school. Finley doesn’t attend our local catchment school, but goes to one a couple of villages on. We chose it for various reasons but mainly we just preferred it and thought it was right for him. The classes are slightly smaller and it feeds on to a fantastic secondary school. We didn’t get in initially, and was on the wait list throughout the summer, finally getting a place on the last day of term. So because of that, he didn’t know a soul when he started as most of his pre-school friends went to our local school. He has settled in so well and made some lovely friends. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school and feel it was definitely the right decision for us. I’ve made some lovely school mum friends and even joined the PTA!

So Wednesday evening rolled round, and it was parent teacher consultation time. Finley’s class teacher is so lovely and is like an actual real-life Disney character! She told us he is a core member of the class and has come so far from his first day where he didn’t know anyone. He’s doing fantastic in all aspects of learning and made us so proud with everything she said. I don’t want to become one of those annoying gushing parents who thinks their child can do no wrong, but at the same time, why shouldn’t we feel proud of their achievements? As a newborn Finley was a terrible sleeper and generally very clingy, needing to be constantly held and entertained. Because of that i really struggled with the baby blues, and found myself constantly telling friends and family what hard work he was. Fast forward a few months and he really became a complete dream, never having tantrums, and we barely got a glimpse of the terrible-twos. I thought about how negative i’d been those first few months, so rather than join in with everyone complaining about the terrible-twos, i thought no, I’m going to praise my beautiful little boy, and instead say how far he’d come, and that he was pretty much a dream. Of course I’ve had tough parenting moments, and now he’s five there are of course days where my patience is tested to the max (hello grumpiness and answering back). But I try not to focus on the negative or bad days, and instead move on and think about all the wonderful moments and the things that make me feel proud about my children.

So here i am this week, being an annoying overly gushy type mum, and I’m not even sorry.

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One thought on “{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #7 ‘Parents evening and the proudest mummy’

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Don’t be sorry, it sounds like he is doing wonderfully and you have every right to be proud of your little boy. We have our second parent consultations coming up and I am really interested to see what they say about my eldest little girl. She seems to have settled in so well and our situations sound really similar- we go to a little village school a couple of villages away and didn’t get in at first either. I am so glad we fought to send her there. Hope everyone feels a little better this week. x


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