{The ordinary moments 2016} #6 ‘a quiet week and chicken pox round two’

So here we are again, my usual last minute time to write on Sunday evening. I really struggled this week so sorry if this ordinary moment is a little too ‘ordinary’. We’ve had a pretty quiet week after being away, the usual chores to do like unpacking and a ton of washing, as well as settling back into school, after-school clubs and toddler groups. Whilst Finleys been at school, me and the littlest have had a nice chilled week which is just what we needed.

On Saturday Finley had a party so I took him along to that whilst the husband stayed at home with Hugo. He had such a fun time and really impressed everyone with his moves to uptown funk at the end! When we came home we got the boys ready for a bath, and straight away noticed Hugo was covered in a fair few spots which I of course knew to be Chicken Pox straight away as Finley had it and we’ve been waiting to see if Hugo was going to get it, boy has he! He is pretty much covered, whereas I thought Finley had a relatively mild case. He really is suffering the poor thing, just doesn’t understand why he’s itching so much, so does this crazy hitting himself dance as he can’t quite work it all out! I’m more than prepared to make some room in my bed for a couple of nights, after all, I really will miss those middle of the night cuddles when they’re gone.

Linking up with Katie @ mummydadddyme for The Odinary Moments

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