{The ordinary moments 2016} #5 ‘Home is where my heart is’

We’ve been in the French Alps for the last week and really did have such an amazing time, made some wonderful memories and experienced ‘firsts’ for us all. We love travelling and adventures big, and small in this house, but there’s one thing we all crave at the end of any trips and time spent away, and that’s home. It doesn’t matter where this is, it may not be the place you grew up, the nicest house or even one place in particular, but we definitely all have a place we call home, and somewhere that holds some pretty special memories. I love our home, don’t get me wrong it has some flaws and we are currently in the long term process of renovating it to make it exactly what we want, but I love coming home at the end of a long day, or after a holiday or trip. As we landed on the runway in London, me and the husband let out a contended sigh that the end of our long travelling day was coming to a close and that we’d be turning the key in our front door in an hour or so. As we walked through the door, it was a bit cold and had gathered a bit of dust in the week that we’d been away, but we were so happy to be there and headed straight for the kitchen, the heart of our home, for a well deserved cup of tea and a biscuit. The boys, although had so much fun away, were thrilled to be reunited with their playroom full of toys, and us in turn were happy not to be crawling up and down the stairs with Hugo as we were finally somewhere with a stairgate!

It’s funny, I was never much of a homebody growing up, and really didn’t miss home when i did some travelling in my teens. But since having children and actually making a house into a home, it really is my most favourite place. I think a big part of that is the creature comforts with having children, they have all their toys and everything they need right here, bedrooms to play in, their own beds, and we have all of our things. But it’s also  the place I feel the safest and the most content. It’s the place where memories have been made, good and bad, and plenty more to be made along the way.

The boys having a much needed PJ movie morning


A little corner of our favourite space – The playroom

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5 thoughts on “{The ordinary moments 2016} #5 ‘Home is where my heart is’

  1. Hannah says:

    I felt the same during my teens and early twenty’s, but now I have children I definitley feel more content and happy at home. Your home looks beautiful, I love the boys pjs xx


  2. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah love this Kirsty and couldn’t agree more. While I love to travel, there is just something so amazing about getting home- about having great memories from your trip, arriving home safely and just turning the key in your door. Glad you had a fab holiday though. x


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