{The ordinary moments 2016} #4 ‘Special birthdays’

So this post is so late that it’ll be time to do the next one, but we’re currently away on holiday so getting any time to write, and with limited wi-fi has proved difficult.

As I said, we’re currently away on holiday ski-ing in The Alps. We’re staying in a beautiful chalet with some good friends of ours and their two children. We’ve had such a fun week, and Finley has absolutely loved his first time ski-ing. I’ll do a proper post detailing it all later, but for now I just wanted to write about the the reason for the trip, and that is for the husbands 40th birthday. We’ve had various celebrations going on for a couple of weeks now, ending with this wonderful holiday. We wanted to do something special, but with it being in January, it does limited what’s available to do. So with that, we decided to embrace the cold and come somewhere snowy and beautiful, with some fun activities thrown in.

So happy 40th to an amazing husband and daddy, we love you more than anything and hope you are having the bestest of days


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