Picnic fun

We don’t actually go on many picnics. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy them, infact we love the freedom of them (and mummy loves the no mess in the house!). It just seems we can never get them organised properly, and never have any ‘picnicy’ food in the house. But I was prepared this time and I even went shopping with a picnic in mind. We finally used the beautiful wicker picnic basket that the boys got me for Christmas (in the hope that we would have more picnics!).

We’re very lucky that we live in walking distance to an amazing country park, just at the bottom of our road. We didn’t head out till just before 6pm, but as it’s the summer holidays and the weather was so lovely, we didn’t worry too much about a late bedtime. We had a lovely time with the boys getting to explore, run (commando crawl in Hugos case) and have some much needed family time.

Finley named the littlest “Wreck-it Hugo’ for the day, as he kept on grabbing, crushing and basically demolishing everything he could find! There were a lot of smushed strawberries on the blanket by the time we came to clear up!

They both had such a lovely time running around with daddy and playing ‘Star Wars’ games!

Here are a few pics from the day












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