Amongst the bluebells

DSC08126So I’ve been really rubbish with this blog the last year, and completely forgot why I wanted to create a blog in the first place. To record my young children’s life and all the little memories otherwise forgotten. I got a bit bogged down in not taking a good enough photo, and being irritated that I really haven’t learnt a lot on the technical side to improve the look of my blog. But because of that I’ve missed documenting some important moments in the boys lives and that’s annoyed me even more! I just need to focus on recording all the little things, and then hopefully I can learn a little more along the way, and one day get this blog up to scratch.

So on that note, here is a little post on our bluebell adventures from last weekend. We went to a beautiful little forest near to us called Blakes Wood and took a few photos of the boys and also their little friend who lives across the road to us. We had a lovely couple of hours exploring and adventuring before heading to the pub for a yummy dinner. The children played so lovely together and really had fun doing their little make-believe play. They thought it was pretty annoying that we wanted to stop to take a few photos amongst the bluebells but thankfully we got a few nice pictures before they all ran off!





The biggest & littlest #1

The biggest


This one has been so good over the last few days of the holidays and really wasn’t ready to go back to school. He’s been really enjoying the lazy days at home and playing endless board games and lego! But once he was back, all was fine and I’m sure he was happy to catch up with his friends. He’s also become so confident with riding his bike and now asks to go out on it every day!

The littlest


He’s really grown up over the last week, and is finally saying quite a few more words! He has really missed his brother once he was back to school, but seems super excited to start school himself…tomorrow! Well pre-school of course, but i jus cannot believe the time has come for him to go for a couple of mornings. I will of course miss him terribly, but I am quite looking forward to having a tiny little bit of time for myself. Maybe i’ll actually keep on top of this blog this year!

The biggest and littlest {week six}


He is loving being outdoors and playing in the garden after school,

starting to plan his Birthday party for October (!),

and has come on so much with his reading, making all of us super proud


He is loving helping mummy with the gardening,

climbing on anything,

and still isn’t really talking much at all but certainly understands everything you say to him!

Making the most of an inset day with a weekend in Somerset

So earlier this month we were really blessed by having an inset day on a Friday and thought we’d make the most of it by going away somewhere for some quality family time. We originally planned to go camping but a couple of days before we were due to go, our campervan broke down so we had to decide on something else.

We ended up booking a beautiful safari tent on Airbnb that was still available and we couldn’t wait to go. We set off early on the Friday morning and planned to stop somewhere once we’d got around the M25. Finley’s been obsessed with Stonehenge for a while (thanks to Go-Jetters) so we decided to stop there for lunch, and as we’re English Heritage members we knew we wouldn’t have to pay any entrance fee so that’s always a bonus. Finley was so excited to see it in real life and really enjoyed reading about the different types of stones that were used and also learning a little bit about the history and the summer solstice.


We didn’t actually stop for too long, but had a little walk around the site, took some photos then headed back on the bus to the entrance. We let the boys have a little run around then got some lunch from the cafe. We couldn’t leave without a quick browse in the gift shop so Finley could pick something up to show his teacher and friends at school. He chose a children’s book all about it, a couple of postcards and two little mini stonehenge figurines.



A couple of hours later and we finally arrived at the farm and it looked beautiful. There were three safari tents in one of the farm fields, opposite some cute little goats that they kept.


It was just perfect and definitely just what we needed. It had the perfect mix of being in a fantastic rural location, back to basics living, but with those extra creature comforts that we wouldn’t have had if we had been camping. The interior was gorgeous, with lovely comfortable beds and the cutest little cupboard bed for Finley. The tent could be heated using the large wood burning stove, which you also used to cook on. Then there was a separate burner for heating the water for the shower and bathroom.

The boys had so much fun being free to run and explore in the field. They loved feeding the goats and went to see them each morning we were there. We had a lot of fun cooking on the stove and toasting marshmallows on the outdoor bbq. It got pretty chilly in the night and early morning, but we stayed so cosy with the burner on, it really did heat the whole tent.


We found a lovely local pub for dinner the first night, and explored beautiful Lynmouth the following day.

We really had such a lovely weekend together, and came back feeling like we’d had some quality family time and much needed chill time too.

We will definitely be returning and hoping to plan another weekend on the farm for sometime in 2016



Hugo @ 20 months

dsc06997Dearest darling Hugo,

So I’ve been a very naughty mummy and haven’t written you a letter in a few months. Sorry my darling but I’ve just been having too much fun with you and your brother, so this blog has become a little neglected.

But here I am now writing you your 20 month update! I cannot believe in just a few more months you’ll be 2! It really seems like yesterday you were still such a tiny baby, and now you are most definitely a full on toddler!

You’ve been a little bit troublesome the last couple of months, having lots of lots of tantrums but i know its just your age, and the fact that you still don’t really say any words at all so you get cross when we don’t know what you want, or when you have you do something that you don’t want to and can’t communicate that with us. I know its just a phase and one you will certainly grow out of, but mummy is finding it a little difficult i must admit.

Your personality is really shining through recently, and you are such a character. You have a real sense of humour and love making people laugh. You can be such a cutie pie, always laughing and giggling and getting up to mischief. You absolutely love cuddles always run up to us, put your arms around our necks and say ‘Ahhhhh’.

You and your friend Albie are such a funny pair together, thick as thieves but can also get so cross with each other if one of you takes a toy the other wants to play with! It is so funny to watch, and me and your Auntie Emma just leave you two to it to figure it out for yourselves!

You are still such a mummy’s boy, but have a real thing for Daddy at the moment too. Anyone else and you’re still not that sure. You of course like other grown-ups, but you’d certainly rather be with mummy and daddy. You’re warming up a little to your Nene and even don’t mind being left for an hour or two every now and again so mummy can get her nails painted! You also love your Auntie Emma and your playdates with Albie.

We have quite a nice busy week at the moment, tending to go to groups and things in the mornings, back home for lunch, then a long nap before I have to wake you to collect your brother.

You and Finley have been playing together so lovely lately, and he of course is still infatuated with you. Although you have started to get cross with him quite a lot, if he doesn’t want you to touch his lego, or takes a toy away from you. You like to do a very high pitched scream then usually hit him on the head with something! You get a little bit told off of course, but you don’t seem to care that much! This i know is just the usual sibling bickering, and also the no talking thing too as you just can’t get across to us what you want sometimes.

One thing you really love is when Finley has friends over. You seem to really really love older children, especially Finleys friends and just want to play upstairs with them the whole time. But usually they’re building lego and don’t want you in the room because you end up breaking what they’ve made!

I’ll try and do these a little more regularly as I know we will love reading them together when you’re older and I will cherish being able to remember all those little moments i may have otherwise forgotten.

I love you more than all the stars

Mummy x

(This is a backdated post from June 2015)





Me and Mine 2016 / / February


 I’m a little late with my February Me and Mine post as i’ve just had such a busy week that i’m only getting a little time to write this post. We took these photos pretty much at the last minute, last Saturday whilst out for a walk along the canal. It was so so cold that none of us were really feeling it. I completely didn’t think to bring gloves and hats for everyone as I just didn’t realise how cold it was! Finley was crying because his fingers were so cold, Hugo had a horrible wheezy chest so I was conscious of how long we kept him out for, and I wasn’t loving it all that much either. Although they’re not perfect i’d be really disappointed if we missed a month. We do really have to make an effort to take these every month, so if I wasn’t joining in with the photo project then I just know we wouldn’t have any pictures of the four of us.

I think there is something very special about taking a family photo each month, and I know I absolutely love looking back over everyone elses photos once its got to the end of the year, and you can see all twelve. So much changes in a year, but it’s the tiny little things I want to remember, and see how my children have grown.

February has been a bit of a mixed month…It’s seen Hugo come down with the Chickenpox after catching it from Finley, a sickness bug and a virus for Finley, and another horrid wheezy chesty cough from Hugo.

There have also been some lovely times, like half term which was sooooo welcome after the Christmas holidays seeming like an eternity ago. We had some fun playdates with friends, a sleepover with our neighbours children, and a good old trip to Ikea thrown in too!

Although I really do enjoy all seasons and months of the year, I’m really glad to be heading  into March and hopefully a little more sunshine with some signs of spring. March is shaping up to a be a bit busier for us with children parties, things going on at school, and a long weekend away for Easter.

The Me and Mine Project

{The Ordinary moments 2016} #9 ‘Another poorly week but finally blowing away the cobwebs

Unfortunately i missed my ordinary moments post last week as Finley caught a horrible virus and sickness bug and came down really poorly with it on Saturday. We had to miss two of his school friends parties and pretty much didn’t leave the house the whole weekend. So much so, I just didn’t get a minute to sit down and write a post or take any photos. He was finally better by Wednesday and went back to school. But of course then Hugo got poorly too! Not with the sickness bug thankfully, but with a nasty little cough and wheezy chest. He’s had this a couple of times before so we have an inhaler, but it just didn’t seem to be doing much good and I was really worried about him. After a doctors visit on Friday we got some mild steroids, and thankfully he seems to be so much better.  Yesterday we finally were able to leave the house and go for a lovely, albeit FREEZING walk. It really was so cold, and we wasn’t really all that prepared outfit wise, so didn’t actually stay out for very long. We went to a beautiful place called Papermill lock, stopping for tea and cake at the tearooms before setting off on a short walk along the canal. Finley absolutely loved collecting and throwing stones into the water, and Hugo copied him too which was super cute, as he really does adore his big brother. I did attempt to take this months me and mine photos, but they were an absolute disaster as it was just so cold, Finley started crying, Hugo was running off, i look terrible and people kept on walking past! I’m not sure if we’ll have time to take any more, so I may just be posting one of those disasterous ones tomorrow! Oh well, at least we won’t miss a month and it will be funny to look back on I’m sure!

Here are a few of the better ones from the day..


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{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #7 ‘Parents evening and the proudest mummy’

It’s not been the best week in this house, we’ve had sleepless nights with the littlest because of his Chicken Pox, he’s been generally grumpy and pretty clingy. Plus to top it off we’ve pretty much been in quarantine stuck in the house all week, bar the school run, so as not to infect anyone else.  It’s been quite a tough parenting week, but of course it’s also been nice having the extra cuddles and I wouldn’t change a thing. (We won’t talk about the 1 year old screaming on the school run or hanging off my leg howling like a banshee each evening whilst i’ve tried to cook dinner).

But within the not so great week was something that made us so proud of our biggest boy, and that was parents evening. We’ve already had one back in November which was to discuss how they are settling in etc, but this one was to look at work and discuss a little bit more in detail how they’re getting on in terms of achievement and attitude towards school. Finley doesn’t attend our local catchment school, but goes to one a couple of villages on. We chose it for various reasons but mainly we just preferred it and thought it was right for him. The classes are slightly smaller and it feeds on to a fantastic secondary school. We didn’t get in initially, and was on the wait list throughout the summer, finally getting a place on the last day of term. So because of that, he didn’t know a soul when he started as most of his pre-school friends went to our local school. He has settled in so well and made some lovely friends. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school and feel it was definitely the right decision for us. I’ve made some lovely school mum friends and even joined the PTA!

So Wednesday evening rolled round, and it was parent teacher consultation time. Finley’s class teacher is so lovely and is like an actual real-life Disney character! She told us he is a core member of the class and has come so far from his first day where he didn’t know anyone. He’s doing fantastic in all aspects of learning and made us so proud with everything she said. I don’t want to become one of those annoying gushing parents who thinks their child can do no wrong, but at the same time, why shouldn’t we feel proud of their achievements? As a newborn Finley was a terrible sleeper and generally very clingy, needing to be constantly held and entertained. Because of that i really struggled with the baby blues, and found myself constantly telling friends and family what hard work he was. Fast forward a few months and he really became a complete dream, never having tantrums, and we barely got a glimpse of the terrible-twos. I thought about how negative i’d been those first few months, so rather than join in with everyone complaining about the terrible-twos, i thought no, I’m going to praise my beautiful little boy, and instead say how far he’d come, and that he was pretty much a dream. Of course I’ve had tough parenting moments, and now he’s five there are of course days where my patience is tested to the max (hello grumpiness and answering back). But I try not to focus on the negative or bad days, and instead move on and think about all the wonderful moments and the things that make me feel proud about my children.

So here i am this week, being an annoying overly gushy type mum, and I’m not even sorry.

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The biggest and littlest {week five}


He is loving being back at school and seeing all his friends,

starting Karate,

and is already talking about what kind of party he wants for his next birthday!


He is really into exploring outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles,

is obsessed with any fruit

and loves copying anything his big brother does

{The ordinary moments 2016} #6 ‘a quiet week and chicken pox round two’

So here we are again, my usual last minute time to write on Sunday evening. I really struggled this week so sorry if this ordinary moment is a little too ‘ordinary’. We’ve had a pretty quiet week after being away, the usual chores to do like unpacking and a ton of washing, as well as settling back into school, after-school clubs and toddler groups. Whilst Finleys been at school, me and the littlest have had a nice chilled week which is just what we needed.

On Saturday Finley had a party so I took him along to that whilst the husband stayed at home with Hugo. He had such a fun time and really impressed everyone with his moves to uptown funk at the end! When we came home we got the boys ready for a bath, and straight away noticed Hugo was covered in a fair few spots which I of course knew to be Chicken Pox straight away as Finley had it and we’ve been waiting to see if Hugo was going to get it, boy has he! He is pretty much covered, whereas I thought Finley had a relatively mild case. He really is suffering the poor thing, just doesn’t understand why he’s itching so much, so does this crazy hitting himself dance as he can’t quite work it all out! I’m more than prepared to make some room in my bed for a couple of nights, after all, I really will miss those middle of the night cuddles when they’re gone.

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